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Alyssa Aston Block Unit Outline Unit Focus: Components of fitness Grade Level: 8 Skill Level: beginner Unit goal: to help the students gain knowledge about the components of fitness Day I Lesson Focus: Flexibility Day 2 Lesson Focus: Cardiovascular endurance Day 3 Lesson Focus: muscular endurance Day 4 Lesson Focus: muscular strength Lesson Objective: Students will be able to define and develop a basic understanding of flexibility. Students will be able to apply gained knowledge of flexibility principles by listing general and personal benefits. Students will participate in physical activities that promote/ enhance flexibility. Students will also keep a chart on flexibility stretches for one week. Students will participate in sit- and-reach test/ v-sit test. GLEs: PA1A8 Learning Cues: Hands to your toes, feet together Major Tasks: teach the kids different stretches including these Butterfly- Sit on the ground with feet together (bottom of the feet should be touching). Hold feet together with hands and place elbows on knees. Push knees down with elbows and try to touch your toes. Pike- Sit on the ground and put legs straight out, together in front of your body. Reach up towards the sky. Bend over and try to touch your toes with you fingers while putting your nose on your knee. Straddle- Sit on the ground with legs in a straddle position. Reach up towards the sky. Bend over towards each leg (try to put your chin on your knee) and hold. Bend over towards the center and try to put your chin on the ground. Lesson Objective: These activities will demonstrate to the student how to calculate their target heart rate range, how to take a pulse, and to set and meet individual nutritional and fitness goals. The activities will familiarize the teacher and the student with the use of Internet links on health topics related to cardiovascular endurance. Completion of activities that demonstrate a knowledge of the material comprises the evaluation. A certificate is awarded for the successful completion of the designed activities. GLEs: PA1A8 Learning Cues: heart rate, pulse, exertion Major Tasks: This activity will demonstrate to the students how intensity of exercise will increase their heart rate. The students will be taking their pulse after different activities. They will record their pulse on this chart. You will also need to demonstrate how to take the pulse. You will need to explain to them that you will time them for 10 seconds and that number will be entered on the chart. For this you will need to have a stopwatch. STEP 1: With palm up, find pulse at the base of the thumb on the wrist using the index and middle finger of the opposite hand. Make sure the students have found their pulse before you begin the activity. STEP 2: Have students sit at their
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sofo - Alyssa Aston Block Unit Outline Unit Focus:...

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