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Alyssa Aston Sample Lesson Plan Lesson Topic: Transferring Weight and Rolling Grade Level: 3 Date: December 12 th , 2007 Time: Begin 12:00 End: 12:30 Anticipatory Set : Today we are focusing on transferring weight and rolling. You need to know this skill for everyday life. We will go over the basics today, and hopefully in later lessons you will master the skills. Show-Me Standards: HPE4 GLEs: National Standards: NPE4 Objectives At the end of the lesson the children will have learned to: 1. Stretching, curling, and twisting into transfers 2. Transferring weight following step and spring takeoffs 3. Transferring weight onto and off equipment using different body parts 4. Transferring weight from feet to hands. Cues: Strong Muscles (Strong arms and shoulders no collapse) Alignment ((Feet over hips over shoulders over hands in a straight line) Stretch your legs (Extend your legs upward stretch to the sky)
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Rounded back (Keep your back rounded body curled for a good roll) Heads Up (Keep your head and shoulders erect for a balanced landing) Easy On (Slowly Absorb weight on crate with control) Materials/Equipment: Benches, mats, large open area, crates, and low tables Lesson Presentation: Instructional Input As I was watching you warm up I noticed some of you not keeping your strong muscles and stretching to the sky. We need to remember this so that we will be successful in the lesson today. We need to focus on this to make sure we accomplish skill. Modeling You want to transfer your weight from your feet to your hands to your feet, and then for a second putting your weight on your hands only. Task Development
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Sample Lesson Plan - Alyssa Aston Sample Lesson Plan Lesson...

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