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Chapter 1.2204-online

Chapter 1.2204-online - 13.Describe the components of the...

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Chapter 1: The Role of Nutrition in Our Health Student Learning Outcomes Completion of this lesson should enable the student to 1. Discuss why nutrition is important to our health. 2. List three Healthy People 2010 nutrition goals. 3. Identify the six classes of nutrients essential for health and general food sources of these. 4. Identify key events and people in the history of nutrition science. 5. List components of wellness. 6. Discuss the role nutrition play in disease prevention/treatment. 7. Identify three types of malnutrition. 8. Outline the scientific method. 9. Recognize the influence nutrition plays in leading causes of death. 10.List factors that drive food choices. 11.Determine the kcal content of a food given the grams of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. 12.Identify the role of the nurse in nutrition care of the patient.
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Unformatted text preview: 13.Describe the components of the nutritional assessment. 14.Cite questions applicable for patient interview regarding nutrition status. 15.Review social factors that impact nutrition health. 16.List physical signs of malnutrition. 17.Identify nursing diagnoses of nutritional significance. 18.State areas to monitor for nutrition status. 19.Recognize the significance of albumin as a biochemical indicator of nutrition status in some circumstances. Key Terms Nutrient Scientific Method Essential Nutrient Hypothesis Non-essential nutrient Theory Non-nutrient Placebo Phytochemical Control/Experimental Organic Human Studies Inorganic Blind/Double Blind Studies Macronutrients Epidemiological Studies Kcalories Key Terms...
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