Outline for Medicine

Outline for Medicine - Introduction I. Attention Catcher:...

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Introduction I. Attention Catcher : What is the first thing you think of when someone tells you there are other ways to get treated besides getting prescription pills? Some of you may know that there are other options outside of prescribed medicine and for others you will be learning about the alternative medications there are to offer. II. Listener Relevance : Some people want a more natural way to heal themselves without turning to prescription medicine and filling their bodies up with things that weren’t meant to be there in the first place. III. Speaker Credibility : Over the past few weeks I have researched and interviewed about the multiple techniques of alternative medicine. IV. Thesis Statement : Alternative medicine is one of the growing options in the medical field. V. Preview : Today you will learn about the approaches to health care that are outside the area of conventional medicines. You will learn the benefits of alternative medicine the cons of the topic and different kinds of alternative medicines. Body I. First Main Point: The pros of using alternative medications. A. The benefits of using alternative medications. 1. There are so many different illnesses that can be healed by using alternative medications. In the 2000 edition of Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Balch wrote, “When illness strikes, we rely on your doctors to cure us. What we fail to realize is that “the cure” comes from within.” This goes to show that we rely on doctors to cure us with the basic drug that only they can prescribe, what we don’t know is that simple herbs or aromatherapy can actually cure that sore throat. Dr. Marc Daymude, an Army Medical Corps Officer, stated during a personal interview on March 20, 2008, that “Most people don’t look at alternative medicines because they don’t know anything about them. Nature’s resources are designed for use in our immune systems.” 2. With unconventional types of medicine there is more of a variety
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Outline for Medicine - Introduction I. Attention Catcher:...

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