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Brassica rapa Experiment

Brassica rapa Experiment - Biology Lab 150 Growth of...

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November 29, 2007 Biology Lab 150 Growth of Brassica rapa plant Abstract In this experiment we were looking at two Brassica rapa plants and how the growth would be effected if one was to have only water and the other primary nutrients. In the beginning of class we would write down the size of the plant, how many leaves, and how many flowers it had produced since the last time we checked it. What we found was that the control group had grown taller than the experiment and was full of leaves and flowers. Concluding that the control group with full nutrients had a better growth rate than the experimental group. Introduction The Brassica rapa plant is known also as a “fast plant” because, depending on that type of Brassica rapa, they can mature anywhere between 28 and 40 days. “Wisconsin Fast Plants are rapid-cycling brassicas, members of the cabbage and mustard family. They have been developed through fifteen years of selective breeding.”(Williams,1997) “Wisconsin Fast plants are a valuable tool that helps to shorten traditional breeding programs and aid in cellular and molecular research. They have become a useful tool in the classroom since all aspects of plant growth and development can easily be demonstrated.”(Williams, 1997)“This short growing time makes them easier to experiment with than most other plants. Some of these plants have even been sent to outer space to test germination.” (Wikipedia, 2007) When a plant grows
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it increases the size of the plant, the number of leaves and stems and multiplies in numbers most of the time. For a plant to grow it needs energy, and plants get energy from
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Brassica rapa Experiment - Biology Lab 150 Growth of...

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