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Unformatted text preview: Name1 of 11 Name Professor Lehman African American Studies 12/ 10/ 2006 Negro Leagues Baseball There have been many obstacles that African Americans have had to overcome to acclaim the status that they hold today in our nation. Many different events have taken place with much significance to the fight for equality with race issues in America. I though that for my paper I would look into a subject that has had a major affect in helping America mature into the stage that is still becoming today, and that is integrated. I have done much research on many subjects and I decided instead of studying an event that we all know helped the cause I would look at something that has indirectly helped the fight, but made an impact in a very large and influential way. In the fight for there were many black organizations that have come and gone and have all been major milestones in the fight for equality, but these were all in direct correlation with the fight for equality. Since I was interested at looking into a subject that helped more indirectly I decided to look at the formations of different Negro Baseball Leagues throughout our nations history in one of Americas favorite pastimes, baseball. To fully understand how a Negro Baseball league could change anything in our society you must have a base of understanding for where our country was during these times and what role baseball played in the society. Baseball was adapted from the English game of cricket. Rules were becoming made in the late 1700s morphing this sport into something new, something that America could call its own. The games of American Name1 of 11 Baseball and Cricket were still closely related until sometime around the 1850s when baseball became more distinct and gained popularity amongst the American youth, and was known as the national sport by the late 19 th century. On April 12, 1861 at Fort Sumter, South Carolina something had happened that would change our nation forever. The American Civil War had begun. This was a war on slavery, the Northern states were moving further away from slavery as the South was learning that slavery either had to grow, or else it would wither out and die. With many southerners worried about slavery becoming a thing of the past they worked on the makings of new territories and made sure that they adopted the same ideas of slavery that they had themselves. These actions had created a lot of turmoil amongst both the Union and the Confederacy. The war was the deadliest that America would ever see to this day. During the war there was much help for the north with the president being a Whig and Republican, the first republican to hold office in the US. This was Abraham Lincoln, one of our countries greatest leaders to this date, and he is one man who has accomplished much in his lifetime to move African Americans towards obtaining equality in our American Society. One of the biggest things Abraham Lincoln had ever done to help this movement was signing the Emancipation Proclamation. This was an done to help this movement was signing the Emancipation Proclamation....
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african american studies, 11 pages - Name1 of 11 Name...

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