COB Career Research Assignment

COB Career Research Assignment - To Professor Mary Soroko...

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To: Professor Mary Soroko From: Date: October 25, 2007 Re: Career Research Assignment There are many things that I have chosen to do thus far in my college experience while attending St. Cloud State to help me chose a major and career path is right for me. For this career research assignment I have split up a few different research activities into three categories; the final results of my MBTI assessment, career exploration (FOCUS), and library research on. The occupation that I believe is would suit my strengths is that of a Retail Stores Manager . This would be a great jump start for me since my ultimate goal is to run my own business. This would be a great experience that would show me how to operate a business. One thing that retail store managers do is plan and coordinates store operations. The decisions of a manager impact directly how well a store can succeed. You are able to supervise the stores employees, drive for giving the customers the best service possible, and you can set financial goals for the company. MBTI Results Although I have taken my MBTI exam I have not yet reached the date to go and pick it up, but we took a lot of these types of tests and questionnaires in a high school class that I attended and in a class I was enrolled in last year, Reading 110. Most of these exams pointed me towards related jobs in the business world having to do with management. The largest reason I received this answer was based on my personality and interests. A
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COB Career Research Assignment - To Professor Mary Soroko...

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