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Cmty 195 Van Assche Machiavelli is one of the most influential people if not the most influential in the history of politics for the past 500 years. Niccolo Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469, in the city-state of Florence, Italy. Growing up Niccolo began to become very interested with politics and that of military theory as well. He began to notice many things about the corrupt politics of the day and he would spend his whole life critiquing the current politics of his days in the renaissance when it was easy for a man to come up with these new ideas without being killed like in the previous dark ages for idea of improving world that was the European Renaissance. The European Renaissance was started in Italy in the early 1400’s. Along with this new era in Europe there were many new innovations, renovated politics, and discoveries in the vast different religions. One of the things that kicked off this new period in time was that old things were rediscovered, like books from early writers in which rich families read the books and then paid scientists to research these peaces of different literature. People would do many things like rediscover old beliefs and works, then imitate these ideas, and then surpass them in a hope to making the world they are living in a better place. These movements were mainly supported by the rich and the intellectuals of the day. This leaves us with the point in time where Machiavelli began to come into the picture. Growing up in the Italian Renaissance Machiavelli came out of school with much knowledge of Latin and Italian classics since all of these new ideas and things were now coming into the picture. There were many things here in this era that influenced Niccolo, and made Machiavelli what he ended up to be. There were many things going on such as the Popes running the armies and wealthy city-states were being taken over day by day from other large powers throughout Europe, and the rise and fall of new governments sometimes only lasting a couple of months. Machiavelli’s first entrance into government was when he entered the Florentine Government as a secretary. He advanced in his position very rapidly and was soon engaging in various diplomatic missions. He had soon met many different strong
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diplomatic sources as the Pope and the King of France. These people were big influences to Machiavelli, but his biggest influence was Cesare Borgia. He became very fond of the type of ruler that Borgia was, and that is a very strong figure, and even somewhat a cruel yet cunning individual. Although Machiavelli was not exactly in favor of Borgia’s policies he still believed he was the kind of ruler that could unite the Florentines with France, which has been a major goal for Machiavelli throughout his lifetime. This personality was portrayed very much in Machiavelli’s book The Prince . When the Medici’s came to rule they ended the republic in Florence. The Medici
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CMTY 195, Machiavelli 17 pages - Cmty 195 Van Assche...

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