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QUOTATIO1 - 3 C.N.G per k.m TK=(12 twelve taka only 4...

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QUOTATION 04-02-2016 TO, The chairman, The international center study of Bengali Art Dhaka Bonani Dhaka-1213 Sub: Quotation for daily Ac Microbus rent Sir, I would like to inform you that I see an advertisement in a newspaper that you need few microbus for rent I am really interesting about this so I submit my vehicles rent detail and condition Terms & condition 1.Per day vehicles rent (3000) three thousand taka only 2. Vehicles rent excluding vat & tax
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Unformatted text preview: 3. C.N.G per k.m TK=(12) twelve taka only. 4. Octean price per k.m TK= (20) twenty taka only 5. Driver launch (100) one hundred taka only 6. 10 (ten) hours duty only 7. Additional duty per hour (50) fifty taka only 8. Per day fuel (100) one hundred taka only Therefor I request you to kindly accept our quotation. Please issue the work order in favour of my company Thanking you (Kamrun nahar) TRIPTI ENTERPRISE...
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