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Exercise 8 - Exercise 8 Sociology of Health and Illness Due...

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Exercise 8 - Sociology of Health and Illness. Due Thursday April 17: Based on the readings for April 8, April 19, and Tuesday April 15. In 2 -3 pages describe: A. Who lacks access to care? (describe the subgroups of this population) B. Why do increasingly fewer people in the US have access to medical care? You could discuss (be explicit, citing readings and class notes if necessary to get the most points): How the need for health care and demand for services are rising. The types of services that are offered (primary care, more sophisticated “boutique care”, vs. state of the art care) The different ways people pay for health care. How hospitals and some providers end up with / try to recoup the cost of indigent /uncompensated care. How the price of care can act as a barrier to health care or rationing tool. C. Is there a right to health care? This is a complex question; for now, work out your preliminary views about how this should be addressed. If you agree, you still have to define some limits: no society, even one with universal
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