Cohesion and Identification

Cohesion and Identification - and having people to support...

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Cohesion and Identification Gangs are a very cohesive group that strongly identifies with one another. A Gang like the crips for example is unlike another other group for a few different reasons. One reason is that they must undergo a cruel and painful initiation. All new members must undergo this initiation to prove their loyalty to the group to which they wish to join. Many people say that because of the initiation that they go through that it makes the cohesion of the group that much stronger. Because honestly you wouldn’t go through something like that unless you really wanted to be there. Also another reason that people want to join a gang would be to so they have a sense of belonging. They are able to identify with others giving them a place to call their own. They are also able to identify on many levels for example class and race. For the people in this group identification
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Unformatted text preview: and having people to support you is something that they feel necessary to live and be able to make it on the streets. So really cohesion and identification are the most important things in a gang. Because without having such a cohesive relationship they couldn’t do some of the things that they do. Like be able to commit crimes and not turn in their friends. They are almost closer than a family in some ways. In the respect that they spend almost every waking moment with one another and share what ever they have with the other members of the group. And for those in the group who have never had a real family is this all they know so they hold this group of people that much closer for that reason. So with this it should be easy to see how a gang is can be so cohesive and why identification is so important to its members....
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