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Scientology paper

Scientology paper - Morgan 1 Scientology has become one of...

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Morgan 1 Scientology has become one of the world’s fastest growing religions. The Church of Scientology, the claimers of this modern religion, defines scientology as the study of truth and knowledge. Its heritage comes from the beliefs of all great religions together. Since the inception, the onlookers have tried to define Scientology as a cult. It is widely debated whether Scientology is actually a religion or a psychological perspective. Scientology is a religion that pulls together many beliefs common to other great religions and philosophies. The Church of Scientology was founded in 1954 based upon the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard, born March 13, 1911, was an American man whose curiosity for life enabled him to develop Scientology. Although Hubbard is most commonly known for his science fiction writing, he led a very dynamic life. Growing up, Hubbard became very close with a Blackfoot Indian tribe. This Montana tribe not only made him a blood brother, but also allowed him the rare experience of learning their culture and rituals. At age 13, Hubbard and his family moved to Seattle, Washington where Hubbard joined the Boy Scouts of America. At that time, he was the youngest Eagle Scout ever. Within the same year, Hubbard also became influenced by the Freudian theory through a new friend, Joseph C. Thompson, a US Navy Marine studying under Sigmund Freud. Hubbard also gained great insight on his many trips to Asia, visiting his parents. During his many journeys he became friends with a magician from Beijing and became very familiar with Buddhist lamaseries. Hubbard finally returned to the United States in 1929 and began his formal education. After graduating from the Woodword School for Boys, he went on to study at George Washington University, where he discovered the little amount of knowledge that we have on the human mind. Hubbard dropped out of school in order to determine how the human mind works. After serving as Navy Lieutenant in World War II, Hubbard was more determined than ever before to fully understand the human mind. After many other influential
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Morgan 2 experiences, Hubbard published many books relating to mental health. Not long after, in 1954, Hubbard helped to found the Church of Scientology through his many studies and experiences. (What is scientology 25- 45) The Church of Scientology was officially founded as an institute in Los Angeles, California in 1954. From its earliest days, the Church of Scientology has made quite a stir. The United States refused to recognize Scientology as a religion. Even the government would not give them tax exemptions given to churches. The world considered Scientology to be secular and cult-like. After years of debate, Scientology is finally considered a religion and is now practiced
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Scientology paper - Morgan 1 Scientology has become one of...

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