3-26 Developmental Psychology

3-26 Developmental Psychology - Developmental Psychology...

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Developmental Psychology – covers development from conception to death *read about prenatal in the book. Development in infants and children 1. Trends in development a. Cephalocaudal trend – development moves from the head to the foot i. Can control upper body before the lower body b. Proximodistal trend – development tends to move from the center out i. Control torso, then arm, then hand, then fingers. 2. Development occurs in a fairly orderly pattern a. You can see patterns of development with certain tasks being mastered before others b. But time table is not the same for everyone and can be affected by external situations i. Being carried extensively for instance Theories in development 1. Stage Theories a. As they develop, people pass through stages b. The stages are in the same order and generally cannot be skipped c. Progress through the stages is related to age i. But will not be exactly at the same speed for each person 2. Piaget’s Theory of Development a. Sensorimotor Stage – birth to 2 years i. Learn to coordinate sensory information and motor activity ii. Gain the concept of object permanence 1. Something that is out of sight still exists b. Preoperational Stage – ages 2 to 7 i. Improve the ability to use mental images and symbolic thought ii. Lack the concept of conservation 1. Physical quantities stay constant despite changes in shape or appearance iii. Demonstrate irreversibility 1. They can’t think backwards mentally iv. Egocentric – can’t easily see other’s perspectives c. Operational Period – ages 7 to 11
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3-26 Developmental Psychology - Developmental Psychology...

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