theo 110 - Weiss and Berenbaum"The Holocaust and the...

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Weiss and Berenbaum, "The Holocaust and the Covenant" 1. The covenant that was has been abrogated (do away with something/end an agreement or contract formally and publicly) in the German death camps. What is demanded of the survivors now is a new covenant, a unilateral, voluntary assertion by the House of Israel of the will to continue Jewish existence in the face of an indifferent, changeable or non-existent deity. 2. He disagrees with the contention (1. assertion in argument: opinion or claim stated in the course of an argument, 2. disagreement: angry disagreement between people, 3. rivalry: competition between rivals or opponents) 3. He does not think the Holocaust was absolutely unique and unprecedented, he thinks they’re debatable. The Jewish people have accepted, as part of their ancient covenant, the challenge of witness to greater possibilities: suffered horribly, uniquely and repeatedly throughout post biblical history. Whole regions devastated of their Jewish communities in recurrent, earlier holocausts 4. The conditions of the covenant have been spelled out and repeated again and again. The People
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theo 110 - Weiss and Berenbaum"The Holocaust and the...

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