theo 108 - Exodus 1-3 1 The Egyptians enslave the...

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Exodus 1-3 1. The Egyptians enslave the Israelites b/c the Israelite people are more numerous and more powerful than the Egyptians and they didn’t want the Israelites to increase and join their enemies in a war and fight against them 2. They don’t want the Hebrews to multiply and reproduce anymore. Moses escapes b/c his mother puts him in a basket and puts the basket in the river amongst some reeds on the bank and then the Pharaoh’s daughter sees the basket and takes pity on him 3. His mother nursed him for the Pharaoh’s daughter until he grew up, then she brought him back to the Pharaoh’s daughter and she took him as her son 4. He kills the Egyptian and buries him in the sand 5. God appears to Moses in a flame of fire out of a bush 6. God says he came to Moses b/c he is the one who is supposed to lead the Israelites out of oppression from the Egyptians 7. God’s name is the Lord, the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob 8. He wants him to go assemble the elder of Israel and tell them that God has sent him to
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theo 108 - Exodus 1-3 1 The Egyptians enslave the...

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