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phil text analysis+ - worse argument even stronger by doing...

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Samantha Anderson Phil 115 Section P3 September 28, 2007 The Trial and Death of Socrates, Apology P. 22, Section 18 b-c Text: "[...] saying that there is a man called Socrates, a wise man, a student of all things in the sky and below the earth, who makes the worse argument the stronger. Those who spread that rumor, gentlemen, are my dangerous accusers, for their hearers believe that those who study these things do not even believe in the Gods." Argument: 1. All people who study the sky and earth are people who do not believe in the Gods. 2. All people who do not believe in the Gods are wrong. 3. Therefore, all people who study the sky and earth are wrong. Analysis: I believe that premises 2 and 3 reflect what’s being argued in the text because in the text it says “who makes the worse argument the stronger” implying that someone who studies the earth and sky is incorrect. They would be incorrect because they are making the
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Unformatted text preview: worse argument even stronger by doing their studies. If someone studies the sky and earth, that doesn't automatically mean that they are wrong or that they don't believe in the God(s). The argument from the text doesn't seem to make much sense because the premises are just assumptions about how someone is based on their actions or behavior. There are many people in the scientific field who do believe in God. Scientific studies and God can be combined to form one viewpoint, which represents the different sides/characteristics of a person and also the different influences of the world around them. People do not have to choose one over the other. Many scientific studies have been proven to be true and do not discount God as being non-existent. So overall, if a person studies a science they may also believe in a God....
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