The Yellow Wallpaper 2

The Yellow Wallpaper 2 - Symbolization of the Yellow...

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There are quite a few theories about what the wallpaper symbolizes. One such theory is that it symbolizes her childhood. This theory ties into the fact that she has a baby. Another theory is that the wallpaper symbolizes her marriage. The theory of confinement is similar to her marriage, but it differs slightly. The wallpaper could also symbolize what she has to be and what she wants to be. Depression could also be symbolized in the wallpaper. There are many theories to explain what the yellow wallpaper actually symbolizes. The first theory is the symbolization of her childhood. This theory comes from that fact that she has some form of depression. This depression came on after she had her baby. This theory states that when she had the baby, it makes her realize that she is no longer a child. This makes her a little nervous and frightened, so she slips into a depression. Her depression is evident throughout the story. She knows she is sick, but no one else will agree with her. She says in one of her entries, “these nervous troubles are dreadfully depressing.” (Gilman, 4) The baby makes her very nervous and she even says it in one of her writings, “And yet I cannot be with him, it makes me so nervous.” (Gilman, 4) She feels like a child herself and she doesn’t want to grow up anymore. Depression is her way of escaping the reality that she does have a baby now that she needs to take care of. 7
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The Yellow Wallpaper 2 - Symbolization of the Yellow...

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