Theo 127_ - allowed acceptance of money and developed strong organizational structure also emphasized preaching against heresy 4 Women who had

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CTT, 196-214 1. What is the difference between friars and monks? 2. Who was Francis of Assisi? 3. What are the differences between the Dominicans and the Franciscans? 4. Who were the Beguines? 5. Who were the Albigensians? 6. What is purgatory? 7. What are indulgences? 8. What is the difference between Gothic and Romanesque architecture? 1. 2. Francis of Assisi born into merchant family, chose to heed gospel by abandoning wealth and adopting life of poverty, he gathered followers and told them to preach gospel and to witness to it in action, new community know as Order of Friars Minor/Franciscans 3. The Franciscans renounced anything of value and avoided any kind of institutionalized religion, but required to be totally loyal to church’s clerical leadership. The Dominicans
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Unformatted text preview: allowed acceptance of money and developed strong organizational structure, also emphasized preaching against heresy 4. Women who had enthusiasm for preaching and living apostolic life 5. Anticlerical Christian reform movement teaching that world and flesh were work of evil god, practiced severe asceticism, widespread in France in town of Albi 6. Purgatory is middle state reserved for souls who aren’t condemned to hell but not deserving of immediate entrance to heaven 7. Church would cancel all/part of punishment due to individual who had sinned, when individual had completed certain devotions, acts of charity or services for church 8....
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