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Phil 115 Section P3 November 26, 2007 Chesterton Text Analysis Part II, Chapter 1: The God in the Cave, P. 170 Text: “[…] if we say that this is exactly why there really is a difference between being brought up as a Christian and being brought up as a Jew or a Moslem or an atheist. The difference is that every Catholic child has learned from pictures, and even every Protestant child from stories, this incredible combination of contrasted ideas as one of the very first impressions on his mind. It is not merely a theological difference. It is a psychological difference which can outlast any theologies.” Argument: 1. All Christians are psychological Christians. All C are PC. 2. Some psychological Christians are not theological Christians. Some PC are not TC. 3. Therefore, all theological Christians are psychological Christians. :.All TC are PC. Analysis: By saying that there is a difference between psychological Christians and theological Christians, Chesterton is making a distinction between people who practice the Christian
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