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CTT, pp. 141-52 1. Where was Augustine born? 2. Did Augustine get married? 3. Who were the Manichees? 4. How did Augustine become attracted again to Christianity in Milan? 5. What name did the neoplatonists use instead of "God"? 6. Who were the Donatists? 7. How did Augustine respond to the Donatist notion of sacraments? 8. What did the Pelagians believe about human nature? CTT, pp. 141-52 1. He was born in the town of Thagaste in Roman province of North Africa (Algeria) 2. no 3. The Manichees was a quasi-Christian cult, derive name from Mani – a prophet and visionary who lived in third cent. A.D. in Mesopotamia 4. He started to attend sermons given by Ambrose of Milan, a learned Christian bishop/former
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Unformatted text preview: provincial governor 5. the One 6. Donatists were opponents of Caecilian and appealed to emperor Constatine, regarded all non-Donatist Christians as illegitimate 7. He said that Jesus Christ is the source of any grace conveyed in sacramental actions, so even when a minister is guilty of sin, the effectiveness remains unchanged 8. Human nature had been left fundamentally undamaged by original sin, so there was no need for Christs saving death or the action of Gods grace, insisted on human freedom in order to urge people to take responsibility for their actions...
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