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phil text analysis 2+

phil text analysis 2+ - they don’t operate Souls just...

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Phil 115 Section P3 October 24, 2007 Aquinas Text Analysis Question 75.2: Whether the human soul is something subsistent? Text: Objection 2 Further, everything subsistent operates. But the soul does not operate; for, as the philosopher says (De Anima i, 4), “to say that the soul feels or understands is like saying that the soul weaves or builds.” Therefore the soul is not subsistent. Argument: 1. All things subsistent are operating things. All SU are O. 2. All souls are not operating things. All SO are not O. 3. Therefore, all souls are not subsistent. :.All SO are not SU. Analysis: To say that souls cannot weave or build doesn’t mean that they are not subsistent or that
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Unformatted text preview: they don’t operate. Souls just operate in different ways; in more nonphysical ways. Our conscience is controlled by our soul. Helping us choose between right and wrong is one way our souls operate. Because our souls are operating, that must mean that they are also subsistent. The soul also influences the emotions. It lets you feel happy when something good happens and sad when something bad happens. The soul operates when influencing the emotions so that means it is also subsistent....
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