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CTT, 182-195 1. Why did Basil locate monasteries close to cities? 2. Who was Benedict of Nursia? 3. What was lay investiture? 4. What was simony? 5. What happened when Pope Gregory VII excommunicated the emperor Henry IV? 6. Who was the first king in France to be crowned by a bishop? 7. What is Romanesque architecture? 8. What is Pseudo-Dionysius' via negativa ? 9. What does "soteriology" mean? 1. So the monks could provide various forms of social service: caring for sick, raising orphans, providing food and clothing for poor, offering employment for destitute 2. Benedict of Nursia was the founder of the Benedictine monastery at Monte Cassino and author of the ‘Rule for Monasteries’, which eventually became the primary style of monasticism in the West 3. The emperor and secular leaders took upon themselves the right to appoint bishops, abbots and other church officials 4. Obtaining appointments by buying to selling spiritual things including church
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Unformatted text preview: leadership positions 5. The first time, Henry IV did public penance outside of Gregory’s castle retreat at Canossa and was temporarily reconciled with the pope, but in 1080 the breach reopened. Gregory did it again and in response Henry appointed and installed his own anti pope Clement III 6. 7. Style of buildings developed during Carolingian and Ottonian dynasties of early medieval Europe, featured stone vaulted ceilings, heavy walls and piers, small openings for lights creating fortress like impression 8. All affirmations concerning God must be denied since the divine reality so supersedes any earthly quality that might be used to describe it 9. Soteriology is the study of or teachings about salvation, Christian soteriology is primarily concerned with the saving work of Jesus Christ...
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