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Aquinas, Summa Theologiae , R , 59-66 1. Is the Summa addressed to beginners or advanced students? 2. Does Aquinas believe that some doctrine is necessary beyond the philosophical disciplines? 3. What is Aquinas' second way of proving the existence of God? 4. Does Aquinas think it was necessary that the Word of God become incarnate for the reparation of the human race? CTT, 215-29 1. In what century did Aquinas live? 2. What sources of learning were flowing into Europe in the thirteenth century?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Who was Peter Lombard? 4. What is scholasticism? 5. How did "disputes" in medieval universities operate? 6. What was a "quodlibetal debate"? 7. To what religious order did Aquinas belong? 8. What is the Summa Theologiae? 9. Did Aquinas believe one could understand the supernatural order by reasoning from the natural order? 10. What is the "fundamental building block" of the Summa Theologiae?...
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