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Mark 4-8 1. What is the point of the parable of the sower? 2. How well do Jesus' disciples understand him? 3. With what does Jesus compare the Kingdom of God? 4. What causes the swine to run into the sea in ch. 5? 5. What are the disciples to take with them when they preach? 6. How does John the Baptist die? 7. How many loaves and fish are there in each of the feeding miracles (6:30-44 and 8:1-9)? 8. Why is Jesus hesitant to heal the girl in 7:24-30? 9. How many attempts does it take Jesus to heal the blind man in 8:22-26? 10. Who does Peter say that Jesus is at the end of ch. 8? 11. Why does Jesus rebuke Peter for saying so? 1. The seeds are like people and how they’re scattered on the ground (path, rocky soil, thorns and good soil) each is like different symbol of how people accept word of God. People on path = really lazy people, bird that eats them is like Satan b/c they don’t believe. People in rocky soil = believe but not very strong b/c seeds can’t form roots/no foundation, shoot up really fast and believe but then trouble/persecution they fall away. People in thorns = believe but too tempted by sin (thorns) choked off by temptations/sins.
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