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theo 118 - 5 He didn’t go back to the navy to drink...

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O’Connor, “Parker’s Back” 1. What does Parker think of his wife? 2. How did they meet? 3. When did Parker get his first tattoo? 4. Why doesn’t he have any tattoos on his back at first? 5. Why was Parker discharged from the navy? 6. What is Parker’s full name? 7. What does Sarah Ruth think of Parker’s tattoos? 8. How does Parker destroy the tractor? 9. What tattoo does Parker choose for his back? 10. Does Parker think he has been saved? 11. Why does Parker get into a fight at the pool hall? 12. How does Sarah Ruth react to the tattoo on his back? 1. He doesn’t like her, she’s plain and harsh, mean 2. He first saw her when his truck broke down on the highway 3. He got his first one when he was 15, the eagle perched on a cannon 4. He didn’t want any tattoos where he couldn’t readily see them
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Unformatted text preview: 5. He didn’t go back to the navy to drink without official leave and then the navy caught up with him, put him in the brig and then gave him dishonorable discharge 6. Obadiah Elihue Parker 7. She doesn’t like them; she says they’re vanity of vanities 8. He crashes it into the big tree and it bursts into flames 9. He chooses a picture of the haloed head of a flat stern Byzantine Christ 10. No 11. The other guys in the pool hall were talking about it and someone asked why he did it and why he wasn’t laughing if it was for laughs 12. She rejected it, she said that it wasn’t God b/c God doesn’t ‘look’ he’s a spirit, no man shall see his face and then she hit him across the back/shoulders with the broom...
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