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Chapter 3 part 2

Chapter 3 part 2 - Cells Units of Measurement and transport...

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Cells Units of Measurement  and transport across plasma  membranes  9/10 What are the units of concentration measurement? How is movement across the plasma membrane regulated? How does carrier mediated transport work? Why does a Transport Maximum imply that a substance enters a cell through a carrier? What are the two different forms of active transport and how do they work?
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What Units of Concentration are used in healthcare? The Math:  1 Mole”= 600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 “things” or  “1 Mole of Calcium”= 6 X 10 23  atoms of Ca++ Molar concentration: moles molecule/liter Some molecules (i.e. NaCl) dissociate (dissolve) when in solution Osmolar: number particles/liter expressed in “moles” 1 Molar NaCl = 2 Osmolar  The human body typically contains tiny amounts of each item, so  we express this as millimolar or milliosmolar!   1000mosm/l=1osm/l Human Blood, intracellular fluids, and interstitial fluids between  cells contain about 300 mosm solute/liter
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