Exam 2 solutions - Possiblv usefulequations: lriqonometry...

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Possiblv useful equations: lriqonometry 5111= oPPosile hlpolcttlBe kinematic eouations (translation and rotation) ,at-Ai tl =- "'A/'Ar Alli=1'^-r'\ =art Lr = x 1 - rc,=i(r'^ +r;. )ar & rl.Ar +1a, (Ar)' v',,-vl"=2s,b. g 9.ll ny's: NeMon's 2d Law. Forces 1,.,_, =lt: t:, + t:. +. .. + t;,, a=ZF o, I F'=nd nt- lse adjacctll . Ld Lci (0. . =- (r. . = - -LtA/ Lo o, -o, =dl Le ej -e, = i(., +.,)tr tO o,tt +Iq(N)' ol -al =2666 \). = fQ, 4t = ftl tY =ng .f,<p,N uniform Circular Motion \=f(D uto at=faz u, =-=t0 t' I complete circle I revolution 2n radians work elergy. collisions. nomentum ll=FLrcos4 K={arv: F=n; ar,=)Far Perfectly Elastic: energy conserved rotations. torques. angulfi inonentum K,.,,=\lro' t =ixF =1.rFt r =LMR' U o,, n9 a/,,',,* +h: P Fvcose Perfectly Inelastic: objccts stuck logether L= Iat if lt=0,L,= L,
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PHY 2130 NAME EXAM #1 January 30, 2008 STUDENT ID All questions carry 2 points each. Total points: 26. You ne€d to get 25 points for full score. I point bonus. ..... r.i.r. ....r.r l. A roller coaster includes a vertical circular loop of radius 30 m, Consider the situation where the car is al the top of the loop moving with a speed of 20.0 rnls. n,,, =20'0% l. Which of the following is true? a. The car's acceleration is down; the net force on the car is up, b. The car's acceleration is up; the net forca on the car is up. c. lhc car's accclcralion is down: thc nct l'orcc on car is down. d. The car's acceleration is upi the n€t force on th€ car is down, e. The car's acc€leration is zero, 2. what is the.magnilude ofthe radial acceleration at this point?
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course PHY 2130 taught by Professor Rehse during the Spring '08 term at Wayne State University.

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Exam 2 solutions - Possiblv usefulequations: lriqonometry...

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