HW06_Sol - Find it from a constant Cvo from table A.5 b)...

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ME 3513 – Thermodynamics I Solutions to Homework Assignment # 6 – First Law 1. A vertical cylinder fitted with a piston contains 5 kg of R-22 at 10°C, shown in Fig. P5.64. Heat is transferred to the system, causing the piston to rise until it reaches a set of stops at which point the volume has doubled. Additional heat is transferred until the temperature inside reaches 50°C, at which point the pressure inside the cylinder is 1.3 MPa. a. What is the quality at the initial state? b. Calculate the heat transfer for the overall process.
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2. A 1 kg steel pot contains 1 kg liquid water both at 15oC. It is now put on the stove where it is heated to the boiling point of the water. Neglect any air being heated and find the total amount of energy needed. 3. We want to find the change in u for carbon dioxide between 600 K and 1200 K. a)
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Unformatted text preview: Find it from a constant Cvo from table A.5 b) Find it from a Cvo evaluated from equation in A.6 at the average T. c) Find it from the values of u listed in table A.8 4. Water at 100 kPa, 400 K is heated electrically adding 700 kJ/kg in a constant pressure process. Find the final temperature using a) The water tables B.1 b) The ideal gas tables A.8 c) Constant specific heat from A.5 5. The rate of heat transfer to the surroundings from a person at rest is about 400 kJ/h. Suppose that the ventilation system fails in an auditorium containing 100 people. Assume the energy goes into the air of volume 1500 m3 initially at 300 K and 101 kPa. Find the rate (degrees per minute) of the air temperature change....
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HW06_Sol - Find it from a constant Cvo from table A.5 b)...

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