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HW07_Sol - area of the nozzle 4 Saturated liquid R-12 at...

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ME 3513 – Thermodynamics I Solutions to Homework Assignment # 7 – First Law for Control Volume 1. A cylinder has 0.1 kg air at 25oC, 200 kPa with a 5 kg piston on top. A valve at the bottom is opened to let the air out and the piston drops 0.25 m towards the bottom. What is the work involved in this process? What happens to the energy? 2. Nitrogen gas flowing in a 50-mm diameter pipe at 15°C, 200 kPa, at the rate of 0.05 kg/s, encounters a partially closed valve. If there is a pressure drop of 30 kPa across the valve and essentially no temperature change, what are the velocities upstream and downstream of the valve?
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3. Superheated vapor ammonia enters an insulated nozzle at 20°C, 800 kPa, shown in Fig. P6.32, with a low velocity and at the steady rate of 0.01 kg/s. The ammonia exits at 300 kPa with a velocity of 450 m/s. Determine the temperature (or quality, if saturated) and the exit
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Unformatted text preview: area of the nozzle. 4. Saturated liquid R-12 at 25oC is throttled to 150.9 kPa in your refrigerator. What is the exit temperature? Find the percent increase in the volume flow rate. 5. A steam turbine has an inlet of 2 kg/s water at 1000 kPa, 350oC and velocity of 15 m/s. The exit is at 100 kPa, x = 1 and very low velocity. Find the specific work and the power produced. 6. A compressor brings R-134a from 150 kPa, -10oC to 1200 kPa, 50oC. It is water cooled with a heat loss estimated as 40 kW and the shaft work input is measured to be 150 kW. How much is the mass flow rate through the compressor? 7. A condenser (cooler) receives 0.05 kg/s R-22 at 800 kPa, 40oC and cools it to 15oC. There is a small pressure drop so the exit state is saturated liquid. What cooling capacity (kW) must the condenser have?...
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HW07_Sol - area of the nozzle 4 Saturated liquid R-12 at...

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