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REVIEW BIBLICAL SPIRITUALITY Circle True of False 1. Any authentic Christian spirituality must take into account the bible as a source for living out Christian spirituality. T 2. Prayers in the liturgy and in public prayer seldom come from the scriptures. F 3. The Psalms are called the prayerbook of the Bible. T 4. The most common prayers in the Bible are thanksgiving. F 5. Lectio Divina is a form of Bible Study. 6. A biblical text of life reflects the personal text of one’s own life. T 7. A Lament is a prayer of praying for others in need. F 8. The prayer of Jesus always ended with praise. F 9. The Bible can be studied both literally and symbolically. T 10. We can only read the Bible in whole and never “in part.” F Short Answer 1. The Bible is honored in public worship by Reading the Word together,Proclaiming th e Word, and in TheLiturgy_____________________
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Lectio Divina means__Holy Reading________________________________________ 3. Prayers of intercession are Prayers for others___________________________________ 4. In Christian spirituality the Bible is considered the inspired Word and Jesus is considered the_Incarnate Word, The Living Word__________________________________________ 5. The Psalm that is most hallowed by time in our culture is____Psalm 23_______________________ 6. Five types of prayers found in the Bible a._Adoration____________ b._Supplication (intercession and Petition______________ c._Confession_____________ d__Thanksgiving e. Lament______________ Reflection What does it mean that the Bible has a deep meaning which stands behind the literal text?...
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