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Study Guide for Exam 2 - Philosophy 153 Second Exam/Study...

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Philosophy 153 Second Exam/Study Guide Descartes 1. Methodological Doubt : to arrive a judgments the truth of which is beyond doubt 2. Indubitable Certainty: something that is certain and undoubtable. Descartes does in fact exist. 3. Sieve of Doubt: what goes into the sieve is deliverance of his senses. What gets caught is what can be doubted nothing falls out. 4. Dream Argument- to distinguish from illusory dream experiences to reality. 3 rd premise says no way to do that. – Premise 3 states: if that’s true ten no experience of yours considered from the inside is such that you can judge it to be a genius experience rather than dream experience. 5. Evil Genius - Descartes Theory that God could be an evil genius behind a curtain device. Descartes uses to find out what is certain. God’s sole task is to deceive us and make things seem a certain way. Example: I have hands feet les etc. Leads God to believe that he exists because he thinks. You can’t have a headache in the corner. 6. Separability Argument: 1. if I can clearly and distinctly conceive of one thing existing without another’s tins existing ten the two are really distinct things. 2. I can clearly and distinctly conceive of myself (an extended thinking thing) existing without my body (an unthinking extended thing) existing. Therefore: I am really distinct from my body. 7. Saul/Paul: Paul and Saul are one person and it is impossible to conceive of one without the other they are the same person. 8. Circularity Objection/two kinds of circularity. Epistemic ally circular. Knowledge and Knowing, you can’t know that one of the premises are true without first coming to know that the conclusion is true. Non-viciously circular: all deductively valid arguments because you don’t get new info in conclusions that’s not already in the premise. 9.
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Study Guide for Exam 2 - Philosophy 153 Second Exam/Study...

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