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Study guide test three - STUDY GUIDE, EXAM THREE: POLS 101...

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STUDY GUIDE, EXAM THREE: POLS 101 A and B, Fall, 2007 I. Chapter 12 – The Presidency A. Key Terms: Cabinet: An advisory group selected by the president to assist with decision making. Traditionally, the cabinet has consisted of the heads of the executive departments and other officers’ whom the president may choose to appoint. presidential roles: executive order: A presidential order to carry out a policy or policies described in a law passed by congress Office of Management and Budget: An agency in the Executive Office of the President that assists the president in preparing and supervising the administration of the federal budget. presidential character: B. What are the constitutional/legal and formal sources of presidential power? Comander in chief, appointive powers, veto power, administrative powers (executive laws), treaty powers (subject to senate), powet to grant reprieves and pardons, power to make executive agreements What are the constitutional/legal and informal limits on presidential power? Charisma, intelligence, popular support, organizational ability, political skills If possible, be able to give examples to illustrate these powers and limits. C. What are the key components of the executive branch of the federal government? What are the chief characteristics of each? The constitution does not require a presidential cabinet so its use is purely discretionary. Conflict of interest between president and cabinet members. The executive office of the president was made to cope with the responsibilities of the great depression. It is used mainly to accommodate the role played by the national government in the nations economic and social life. White House office is headed by the chief of staff wh advises the president on important matters and directs the operations of te presidential staff. They also analyze problems that require the presidents attention. They also screen the questions and issues that the people have for the president. They also make sure that the presidents initiatives are communicated. Office of Management and Budget An agency that assists in the president preparing and supervising the administration of the federal budget. The Council of Economic Advisers A three member council to advise the president on economic matters. The National Security Council manage the defense and foreign policy of the united states. D. Be able to discuss Barber’s theory of presidential personality and give examples to illustrate his theory. E. What are Cronin’s “Paradoxes of the Presidency?” What do they teach us about the job of President? F. Can (and should) a President’s personal ethics be separated from politics? G. What is the role of the Vice-President?
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course POLS 101 taught by Professor Penning during the Spring '08 term at Calvin.

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Study guide test three - STUDY GUIDE, EXAM THREE: POLS 101...

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