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final exam review - Chapter 1 Components of the definition...

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Chapter 1 Components of the definition of social work: The major profession that delivers social services in governmental and private organizations throughout the world, social work helps people prevent or to resole problems. Solve problems in psychosocial functioning, to achieve life-enhancing goals, and to create a just society Generalist Social work practice: A profession social worker who engages in a planned change process making connections to arrive at solutions involving persons families groups organizational systems, and communities. They value human diversity seek to prevent and resole problems. Counselor: most frequently used. Empowering people and helping them deal with feelings. Affirming personal strengths Advocate : someone who fights for the rights of others or need to obtain resources. Broker : uses the process of referral to link a family to needed resources. Follow up to make sure the resources/services are obtained Case manager : all of the above with added dimension. Involves planning, locating, securing, and monitoring qualities of services. Educator : social workers teach people about available resources how to use services how to communicate effectively etc. Facilitator : social workers convene groups, introduce members, promote communication, and engage members in planning decision making, and goal attainment Organizer : community change Content areas of social work education : values and ethics, diversity, populations at risk, social and economic justice, human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policies and services, social work practice, research, field education Fields of Social Work Practice : public welfare, corrections, disabilities, family focused practice, child welfare, mental health, geriatrics, chemical dependency, Medical Social Work Job Trends in Social Work: 3% mental health, 5% aging, 14% other, 8% health,
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final exam review - Chapter 1 Components of the definition...

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