outline 9 - adolescence heritability is about 75%. This...

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Outline: Chapter 8 Four processes that might interfere with the ability to make good decisions: 1. Overconfidence bias: the tendency to have more confidence in judgments than we should, their judgments are based on probability or past experience. 2. Hindsight basis: the tendency to falsely report, after the fact, that we accurately predicted an event. (People tend to be overconfident circumstances that have already happened) 3. Availability Heuristic: a prediction about the probability of an event based on the frequency of the past occurrences of that event. Belief Perseverance: the tendency to hold on to a belief in the face of evidence that contradicts that belief. Heredity and Environment: Heritability: is the variance in population can be attributed to genetics (intelligence can be attributed to heredity) Researchers have found that heritability of intelligence increases from as low as 35% in childhood and as high as 75% in adulthood. A committee by the American Psychological Association concluded that, by late
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Unformatted text preview: adolescence heritability is about 75%. This reflects a strong roll of heredity. Environment: enriching an environment can have considerable effects In one study researchers went to homes of welfare and middle income families, they observed the parents communication with their children. The researchers found that the middle in come families were more likely to communicate with their children, and the higher the IQ scores were. Convergent and Divergent Thinking: Convergent Thinking: thinking that produces only one answer to a question Divergent Thinking: thinking that produces many answers to a question (related to creativity) Evidence of Environmental Influences on Language Development: Language is another behavior, that is learned through reinforcement. Mothers who regularly used a higher level of language when interacting with their infants with larger vocabularies had a substantial vocabulary difference by the second birth....
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outline 9 - adolescence heritability is about 75%. This...

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