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-Chapter 4 Operating Systems and File Management Operating System Activities An operating system is a type of system software that acts as the master controller for all activities that take place within a computer system Disk Operating System - first operating system that many used Operating System Activities Operating System Activities Operating System Categories - Single-user operating system - Multi-user operating system - Network operating system - Desktop operating system Multitasking provides process and memory management services that allow two or more tasks, jobs, or programs to run simultaneously Within a single program, multithreading allows multiple parts, or threads, to run simultaneously An operating system's multiprocessing capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units User Interfaces: - Command lines - GUI - Menu and sub-menu The combination of hardware and software that helps people and computers communicate with each other User Interfaces Menus, submenus, and dialog boxes The Boot Process During the boot process, the operating system kernel is loaded into RAM The kernel provides essential operating system services Your computer's small bootstrap program is built into special ROM circuitry housed in the computer's system unit Mac OS Mac OS X on an Intel Mac offers the ability to run Windows and
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Windows application software in addition to software designed for the Macintosh - Dual boot UNIX and Linux UNIX is mostly used as server OS. Several Web sites offer a Linux distribution, which is a package that contains the Linux kernel, system utilities, applications, and an installation routine File Names and Extensions You must adhere to file-naming conventions when saving files - Maximum length - Prohibited characters - No reserved words - Case sensitivity File extensions are usually related to the file format - Native file format File Directories and Folders An operating system maintains a directory for each disk, tape, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive - Root directory - Subdirectory Depicted as folders A computer's file location is defined by a file specification, or path File Formats Windows OS uses a file association list to link a file extension
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Chapter 4 review - -Chapter 4 Operating Systems and File...

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