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Chapter 3Computer Software Software includes:- A computer program is a set of detailed, step-by-step instructions that tells a computer The problem and how to solve it or carry out a task.- Main executable file: Install, run and uninstall the main application.- Support module: Program called to help the Main in specific tasks.- Data module: Necessary data not supplied by the user What is an operating system? The most important type of system software Contains instructions that coordinate all the activities among computer hardware devices. What is a utility program? Usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs or computer safety Utility software (a type of system software) is designed to help you monitor and configure settings for your computer system equipment, the operating system, or application software A desktop widget is a specialized utility program that appears on a computer's screen-based desktop Device Drivers A device driver is software that helps a peripheral device establish communication with a computer Windows Device Manager Drivers enable operating system to communicate with peripherals Drivers are usually provided with the peripheral's package All companies provide free drivers and driver updates online. Application Software Productivity software can be defined as any type of application software that has the potential to help people do their work more efficiently Groupware is designed to help several people collaborate on a single project using local networks or Internet connections Document Production Software Assists you with composing, editing, designing, printing, and electronically publishing
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documents- Word processing- Desktop publishing- Web authoringDocument Production Software Document production software may include:- Spelling checker Spelling dictionary- Thesaurus- Grammar checker- Feature to analyze the reading level Readability formula- Search and Replace feature Document Production Software -The format for a document refers to the way that all elements are arranged on the page- ---- Style enable you to format a document with a single click.- -DTP enables you to organize a document and fit text, pictures and narrative in any place on the
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Chapter 3 review - Chapter 3 Computer Software Software...

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