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PERSIAN WARS.08 - normal polis structure council assembly...

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PERSIAN INVASIONS ancient source: Herodotus and Ionian historia Persian empire, 6th century-330 546: Asia Minor conquered by Cyrus of Persia 499-494: rebellion of Greeks in Asia Minor; Miletus sacked 490: Darius invades Greece; battle of Marathon 480: Xerxes invades Greece; Thermopylae, Artemisium; Salamis 479: Plataea RISE of ATHENS —evolution of government:
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Unformatted text preview: normal polis structure: council, assembly, magistrates, Solon: 'wealth not birth', debt relief, law codes Peisistratos and sons: tyrants Cleisthenes: democratic reform; demes —ostracism names and terms: Miltiades (Marathon) Leonidas (Thermopylae) Themistocles and importance of fleet aristocracy, oligarchy...
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