Athenian society and culture

Athenian society and culture - ('drinking together'):...

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CLASSICAL AGE ATHENIAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE public (male) places : agora, gymnasium oratory and rhetoric ; sophists; Protagoras : 'man is the measure of all things' Socrates : no writings; portrayed in Plato, Aristophanes; execution for 'corruption of youth' Plato ; Platonic dialogues; the Academy religion : public religion: Olympic gods, e.g. Zeus, Athena; mystery cults, e.g. Dionysus aristocratic symposium
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Unformatted text preview: ('drinking together'): music, poetry, hetairai pederasty : older Athenian aristocratics + male adolescents aristocratic culture, education Gender issues; marriage metics ('with-living'); non-citizens taxes, military service; no property, political rights slavery: not ethnic, war captives; mines; freedmen PUBLIC ARTS: drama (tragedy, comedy) architecture (Parthenon and reliefs)...
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