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Athenian Democracy A. Assembly Ecclesia —meets about once every 10 days —located at the hill called the Pnyx —room for 6,000 citizens, at first, more later —citizens vote on motions, elect generals, even act as a law court B. Council Boule —group of 500; 50 provided yearly from each Athenian tribe —smaller organizing group of 50 on call: the Prytanes ; live on-call in Tholos —meets most days in public building of agora —establishes agenda for assembly meetings C. Judiciary —various magistrates, boards of commissioners handle initial judicial steps —demes yearly supply 6,000 juror candidates, at least 30 years old —various juries for different types of cases
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Unformatted text preview: —juries usually in hundreds to thousands —note Areopagus court for murder cases: aristocratic court with had wider powers before democratic movement of 461 —cf. the mythological trial of Orestes before the Areopagus court in Aeschylus —trial of Socrates a famous case D. Magistrates various officials, boards: day-to-day city functions; Strategos : 10 generals elected each year, with great authority Note especially two prominent aspects of Athenian democracy: —lot: most officials and jury selected by chance —pay for almost all aspects of government service, even assembly attendance...
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