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Alexander the Great.08 - —marries Roxane Sogdian princess...

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ALEXANDER THE GREAT —succeeds Philip, 336 —immediate challenges; Thebes razed, 335 —invades Asia Minor, 334 *visits Troy; Gordion "knot" * defeats Darius III 330's: — Egypt taken; founds Alexandria; visits shrine of Ammon/Zeus —then Mesopotamia taken; Darius defeated again; Persia taken 320's: —campaigns in Central Asia, to India
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Unformatted text preview: —marries Roxane, Sogdian princess —death of Alexander in Babylon, 323, 32 years old pro: energetic leadership; military strategy; cross-cultural vision spread Hellenic culture con: emotional, drunken; egotistical; poor long-term planning; insensitive to followers; hated by Greeks; spread Hellenic culture...
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