HELLENISTIC culture.08

HELLENISTIC culture.08 - —epic imitative of Homer but...

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HELLENISTIC LITERATURE General Trends in Hellenstic literature: —academic, allusive; scholar-poets at Museum at Alexandria [described by Strabo, 9.2.1] —mythological variants, etiology —typically shorter, witty, subtle, unheroic —new genres: 'Romance'; utopian literature Menander: lifetime 2 nd half of 4 th century—early 3 rd c. *surviving example of New Comedy —of over 100 plays; a single complete surviving —characters are stock, chorus of no importance —domestic situations, typically love-affair with obstacle —plain, ordinary language —Menander very popular in later Hellenistic age; influence/source for Plautus, Terence Apollonius of Rhodes 3rd c. —Argonautica , most complete surviving account of voyage of Argo
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Unformatted text preview: —epic, imitative of Homer, but with unheroic hero —empathy for, psychology of Medea (cf. Euripides) Theocritus late 4th-3rd c. —pastoral/bucolic (genre continuing in Latin lit. and post-antiquity) —also picture of Alexandria middle-class life: 9.2.2 HELLENISTIC ART---SCULPTURE: *FEMALE NUDE; notably APHRODITE (often we rely on Roman copies of lost Greek examples)--- NON-HEROIC SUBJECTS; different tones: light-hearted, melodramatic, pathos --- MASSIVE structures, town planning: bronze Colossus of Rhodes (tall as statue of liberty, one of 7 wonders of world), Pergamum---new column: more ornate CORINTHIAN ORDER--- MOSAIC becomes popular (often reflects lost painting)...
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HELLENISTIC culture.08 - —epic imitative of Homer but...

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