Macedon and Philip - assassinated, 336 Isocrates 436-338...

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MACEDON —north of Thessaly, west of Thrace —regions:coastal plain, mountain —monarchy, court at Pella, tribes —Greek or not? modern politics. language; culture PHILIP —gained rule, 359; Alexander born 356 to Olympias —defence and expansion: the phalanx, diplomacy, silver and gold —alliances with Thessalians; involved in Delphic Holy League —tensions with Athens; Theoric fund; Demosthenes —Thrace taken, 342 —Chaeronea, Corinthian League, 338
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Unformatted text preview: assassinated, 336 Isocrates 436-338 rhythmic, balanced, complex style student of sophists; teacher of rhetoric urged unified Greece under Philip, attack on Persia Demosthenes polished yet powerful style; famed for delivery fought at Chaeronea repeatedly tried to warn Athens about Philip, "Philippics" charged with corruption 323, suicide in exile 322...
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