early rome.08 - lex Hortensia, 287 *Magistrates: consuls...

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EARLY ROME Language : Latin Religion : -Etruscan influence: divination, temple architecture, some divinities (e.g. Minerva ~ Athena) -native elements: (numen/numina: protective spirits, Vesta: hearth) -Greek influence: Roman deities~ Greek deities e.g. Mars (agriculture)~Ares (war) Jupiter (sky-god)~Zeus [both derived from I-E weather god] -foreign influence: Cybele, Bacchus, Isis, etc. Government : *Senate: —council with origins as patrician clan leaders, advisors to king —in Republic, body of patricians, later wealthy plebeians —Senate has no technical authority, but enormous influence *assemblies Centuriate Assembly: —deliberative body with origins in army Council of the Plebs/Tribal Assembly; —principal assembly after
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Unformatted text preview: lex Hortensia, 287 *Magistrates: consuls (civil and military authority): 2, annually elected tribunes *Conflict of the Orders, early 5th to early 3rd centuries land, debt issues " Sacred Band" revolt of Plebeians leads to tribunes, Tribal Assembly *Twelve Tables, mid-5th c. EARLY ROMAN WAR Wars with Oscans, 5th c. (Livy legends) Rome sacked by Celts, 390 tensions in Latin League, 5th-4th c. revolt of Latin cities, later 4th c. Samnite wars, late 4th c., early 3rd Roman incorporation of conquered territory: municipia: full or partial Roman citizenship, local gov't independent "Latin" states or alliescolonies: colonies, large "Latin" ones, small "Roman" ones...
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early rome.08 - lex Hortensia, 287 *Magistrates: consuls...

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