EARLY ROMAN LITERATURE 1.08 - first Roman histories(early...

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EARLY ROMAN LITERATURE Epic: —3rd. c. BCE: early attempts in native meter *translation of Odyssey (fragments) *epic on 1st Punic war (fragments) Ennius, 3rd - 2nd c. BCE *hexameter epic of Rome, mostly lost ; Troy to contemporary times Drama: *early tragedies lost *comedy: adaptation of New Comedy of Menander —Greek settings —everyday, stock characters; colloquial language Plautus (3rd. - 2nd c. BCE) [webpage excerpt] —bawdy, farcical style —influence on Shakespeare, e.g. Comedy of Errors Terence (2nd c. BCE) —from n. Africa; freedman —more subtle, humane style " Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto " "I am human, nothing that is human is alien to me." Satire (Latin satura , mixture) Lucilius, 2nd c. BCE —satire in hexameters Prose:
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Unformatted text preview: first Roman histories (early 2nd c.) in Greek Cato the Elder, 3rd - 2nd c. BCE [described 13.4.2] —technical manuals —history of Rome —speeches; "Carthago delenda est" Roman gods: Greek gods syncretized/derived: Jupiter , sky-god~Zeus [both I-E weather gods] Juno , women~Hera , wife of Zeus Neptune , water~Poseidon , sea Venus, nature fertility~Aphrodite , love Mars, agriculture~Ares, war Saturn , agriculture~Cronus , father of Zeus Ceres, grain~Demeter , grain Liber/Bacchus , wine~Dionysus Diana , woods~Artemis , woods Mercury , trade~Hermes , messenger Vulcan (Etruscan)~Hephaestus , fire Minerva (Etruscan), craft~Athena , war and craft Apollo , from Apollo Menaechmi, Stephen Sondheim...
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EARLY ROMAN LITERATURE 1.08 - first Roman histories(early...

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