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Recovery and Polis - (e.g Bay of Naples Cyrene Naucratis...

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GREEK RECOVERY and the POLIS END OF MYCENAEAN AGE 12th c., end of 'Bronze Age' cause: Sea Peoples? Dorian invasion? internal revolt? systems collapse? myth: end of Heroic Age "DARK AGE" 1100-800 BCE no major stone structures migration to Asia Minor loss of literacy; oral traditions population loss less foreign contact iron ('Iron Age') ARCHAIC AGE 800-500 Recovery: panHellenic sites (Delphi, Delos, Olympia) literacy (alphabet derived from Phoenician writing system) trade population rise colonization
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Unformatted text preview: (e.g. Bay of Naples, Cyrene, Naucratis, Olbia) • hoplite warfare • the polis: *city-state; city and surrounding territory *shared organization of city-state (e.g. council, assembly) *citizen participation by property owners, hoplite warriors *public areas: religious, economic, political * cf. Sparta (helots, the "Equals," kings) /Athens (6th c.: Solon and class tension, Peisistratos the tyrant) other notable terms: panhellenism, phalanx, aristocracy, oligarchy, oikos, metics know places in lecture outlines, on maps pp. 83, 95, 125...
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