cla160 quiz notes - e.g symposium 1 drinking party 2...

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objective, short-answer quiz; 1/2 hour In general, you are responsible for all terms, names, dates, and concepts on the lecture outlines. Your understanding of this information depends on your reading of the assigned portions of the textbook and your attendance at lectures. The quiz may contain the following types of questions: 1. multiple choice 2. fill in the blank E.g., Invaders into the delta region of Egypt in the early 2nd millennium BC were called the Hyksos 3. Point form answers. Give three words/short phrases that give significant and separate pieces of information about the given name or term.
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Unformatted text preview: e.g., symposium 1. drinking party 2. aristocratic participants 3. music performed there 4. Identify the name of places pinpointed on a blank map. 5. Identify the name of the work and/or author, as appropriate, of short passages from the Readings textbook (or lecture outlines)—which will contain elements that identify it. 6. Use art and architecture terms (as given on lecture outlines, including here) to identify small black and white images on the quiz paper. Further art/architecture terms for which you are responsible: Koure, Kouros pediment Doric column Geometric...
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cla160 quiz notes - e.g symposium 1 drinking party 2...

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