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ARCHAIC AGE CULTURE 1. ART and ARCHITECTURE: vase painting: Geometric, Orientalizing, Black Figure, Red Figure; public temples 2. POETRY -not prose: meter -often performed at social events (e.g. symposium), often with instruments Epic traditional (oral), long Homer : heroic Iliad * (part of Trojan war) Odyssey (return of Odysseus) Hesiod : didactic Theogony (origins of cosmos, gods, divine strife [NE origins]) Works and Days *: (addressed to brother Perses farm manual divine and Polis justice) Homeric Hymns: praise and narratives of gods Lyric: -origins in folksongs of everyday life (as in 'Achilles' Shield'*) -often brief, personal, contemporary: anti-heroic (Archilochus* on shield: " Let the shield go; I can buy another one equally good." love (Sappho* on Helen) social issues (aristocratic *Theognis on upstart wealthy) 3. Pre-Socratics -later Archaic Age; often prose
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Unformatted text preview: -challenge to myth/religion (Xenophanes*) -Ionian (Asia Minor) rational inquiry (e.g. astronomy; maps) -theory of phenomena (Pythagoras: the math of music) * see samples in Reader HOMER AND HISTORY poem date myth reality Iliad 725? part ofTrojan war -real Trojan war? Mycenaean : -some artifacts: e.g., boar's tusk helmet Dark Age or later : -warrior ideal*; pyre contemporary : -Shield of Achilles scenes* Odyssey 700? return of Odysseus Bronze Age?-heroic king rule Dark Age-challenged rule -Phoenicians contemporary-colonization, polis Schliemann's Hissarlik: the Troy of the Trojan war? ---inhabited 3rd millenium on; 7 prehistoric levels ---Level 6 big walls, long-lasting, destroyed ca. 1250 (but earthquake?) ---Level 7a: destroyed ca. 1200; too little, too late? Hittite records: Ahhiyawa (Achaeans?) Wilusa/Taruwisa (Ilios/Troy?) Alaksandu (Alexander?)...
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ARCHAIC AGE CULTIER - -challenge to...

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