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Simone Chambers Review - Simone Chambers Review What is...

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Simone Chambers Review What is politics? What is philosophy? Politics vs. Philosophy? Dimensions: Is vs. Ought: Realist vs. Idealists - ol phil can or cannot tell us what the world is or ought to be Unitary vs. Dualistic whether your vision of world is radically divided or is it unified Does religion answer politics or philosophy? How do questions of religion fit into political theory over time? Pericles Athens: Democracy, Democratic, Democratic citizen We read it to get a context of the world in which aris/plato were writing in. Democracy was his main idea: true politics was democratic politics and everyone can be philosophers. Democratic citizen is someone who participates. Plato philosophy is either medicine for the soul or Candy for children, truth vs, forms oxymoron or answer? Democratic politics gives ppl what they want, but they don’t even know what they want. Politicians SHOULD be concerned with health of political society, Politicians SHOULD should have expert knowledge. Democracy is bad cause it’s asking ppl to pick the cure. Philosophy is a pursuit of truth. How do pursuit of truth and curing world of it’s ills come together? Some ppl say he’s about dualism between power and truth and there’s no philosopher king. * Other ppl say, bring phil and pol together,
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so republic was blueprint for doing that, for having a philosopher king. We were in the middle somewhere believing that the philosopher king was the way to go but also being very aware of its short comings. You have ideal but world is far from ideal. Aristotle our natural end, our intellectual end, contemplation vs. Practice it is our natural end. Concept of nature is very important. He means it’s teoleological way. We achieve our highest purpose in politics by creating a political community that is morally balanced. There’s less division b/w is and ought. He tries to understand how the world is and from there he finds our highest possible purpose/achievement. One puzzle is how he describes how we are: true phil is our intellectual end cause it’s our highest end. To get to this stage we need a life of contemplation. So, he says politics AND contemplation are our highest ends. Our view: he thinks phil is the highest but it’s unattainable for most ppl, and pol is amazing too and easier for most people to pursue: est. A virtuous and good society. Comparison Plato and Aristotle have In common: both Greeks, consider individual and community are tightly related. Morality is branch of politics and vice-versa.
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Simone Chambers Review - Simone Chambers Review What is...

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