VARIETIES OF POL REGIMES - Laissez-faire-Equality is in...

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Varieties of Political Regime (continued) (e) Totalitarianism : Arendt, Brzezinski - Elite control of modern state … - fused to industrial economy, advanced education, communications - Economically ‘ developed ’, but not ‘ differentiated - Supposed to be ‘terminal’: Russia? - Does totalitarianism = no private property? - Controversy: Communism vs. Nazism
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Liberalism & its critics - Ideology: ideas for mass political debate … - … in civil society (18th/19th c.) [1] Left vs. right - French Revolution: monarchy vs. republic - Later meaning unstable - Usually , left = equality; right = hierarchy - But ideologies now have multiple dimensions [2] Classical Liberalism: - Societies = individuals using reason to maximize equal opportunities for gain - Favors autonomous economy, civil society - Civil rights (negative) in both: property & contract; also religion, speech, etc. - But market economy is key:
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Unformatted text preview: Laissez-faire-Equality is in market opportunity-If earned in market …-economic inequality of result is justified-Leary of democratic rights, opposes social rights-Remember conflict of negative & positive rights!-Social context :-Business class opposing aristocratic community, tradition, privilege, -‘left’ in early 19th c.; but moves ‘right’ …-… as working class displaces aristocracy [3] Reform liberalism-Still individualist, rationalist, equal opportunity-But adds democratic, social rights-… to address working class need-Supports state intervention in economy (progressive tax, regulation) …-& in civil society (welfare state, later multiculturalism)-Positive right to preconditions of equal opportunity, via state-Main ‘left’ option where som weak -North America, not Europe or E. Asia...
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VARIETIES OF POL REGIMES - Laissez-faire-Equality is in...

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