flaviansbeyond.08. - main themes (Julio-Claudian) -blood...

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main themes (Julio-Claudian) ---blood relation succession as characteristic of the Empire --often no obvious heir (e.g. Augustus adopts stepson; Tiberius succeeded by grand- nephew, Caligula by nephew, Claudius by stepson) ---potential for intrigue, poison, violence when more than one successor possible ---power of the Praetorian Guard, influence of palatial freedmen and advisors --------------------------------------------------------------- NERO:* 64. Fire in Rome . Scapegoating of Christians. Builds elaborate palace. [ Quo Vadis 1951 with Peter Ustinov as Nero] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ovid ---style: light, witty ---works include: love poetry, e.g. Art of Love —epic Metamorphoses [R16.1] ca. 250 tales of transformation --- mythological history of world to Augustus; teleological --- exiled by Augustus to Black Sea ------------------------------------------------------------------ FLAVIANS AND BEYOND AD 69: year of the 4 emperors Flavian dynasty
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flaviansbeyond.08. - main themes (Julio-Claudian) -blood...

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